Give It Time

I read once that time is a simple concept created by man
Time, something that is so simple is important in all of our lives
We don’t ever stop talking about it
Be on time
I’m late
In due time
When enough time passes
Change over time
This one time
It manages to find its way into every conversation
So allow me to take the time to talk about what I feel in this ever so present time
You’re amazing
Do I need more time to come to such conclusion?
Can I figure it out in a minute, a second, a month, 10 years?
I’m looking for words to rhyme with amazing to express myself within a normal amount of time.
Going on for hours about you could come off creepy.
Sue me I rather do the time
Allow me to not intimidate or scare away
There’s enough time within this space that is between you and I
Like I’m lost in a maze
A maze I have no quarrels of going through
That’s the first word.
You’ve given me a taste of something I could crave.
That will have me spending hours searching to get close to
Maybe even days.
Here’s your second.
My head is clear as day.
I’m in no daze.
There’s your third.
Good things come in three’s.
But maybe at the hour of 3.
Because I lie awake and the thought of you comes to me.
I can see the brightness in my hopeful smile even in the darkest room.
Hesitation with expression of a feeling, what time is it?
Is it too soon?
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