New Age, New Drinks

I turned 21 a while back. Although I have been drinking since I was a teenager (most southerners start drinking way early), up until my 21st birthday I had never really tried new things other than beer, daiquiris, and my all time favorite, vodka and cranberry. Therefore with my new age and excitement to become a more “sophisticated” drinker, I attempted to try new drinks. Over the past 3 years of my new legal life I have managed to take a picture of almost every drink I have had so far.


It has been an interesting drinking journey. Although I did go back to my usual, I did try my best to drink new types of drinks. As you can see I love flavor. There’s nothing like a sweet drink that does not taste much like alcohol, but gives the same result as other types of alcohol. The sweetness can put you on your ass too! Remember to never drink and drive and always be respectful. Don’t be a douche. Turn up, but not too hard.

Classy drinking!

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