Booze, Boys, Bowls of Candy, and Bad Friends

Happy New Year!

I think this is my thing now, creating New Year’s posts way after New Year. Is it too late to tell people Happy New Year? Oh well. I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. It’s a new year and I am somewhat a different person because I considered 2016 to be my year of growth. I successfully accomplished every resolution for 2016 and I plan on doing the same for 2017. So what are my 2017 New Year’s resolutions you ask? The infamous four B’s!


For New Year’s Eve I decided to go bowling with an old friend and started thinking during my time with this particular individual who I sadly now do not consider to be a friend of mine. I started to think about the year and all I went through. The good and the bad. While analyzing the particular hardships I dealt with in 2016, I felt as though these four things were the most important. So why am I giving up booze, the lovely bubbly, the alcohol? I barely drink and I’m wasting my money. You all know I am cheap and for 2017 I plan on making some investments and paying off a large portion of my school debt and cutting out my alcohol budget (I’m from New Orleans.. there’s a mental budget for all alcohol bought while attending the 400 parades/festivals we have) will save me a good bit of money. I’m sitting in my house and all I see in the fridge are two bottles of MD, a bottle of Sky Vodka, and 5 small travel sized individual bottles of various types of alcohol. All that I have yet to open or have made barely even a dent in. This is just alcohol that I have bought for my college’s version of prom for graduating seniors and a bouquet of alcohol given to me on my graduation day in May (2016). The Sky Vodka was a birthday gift from my friends for my birthday in November (2016). Acknowledging the fact that I don’t drink much and am wasting my money on alcohol, in my opinion, is quite smart of me. In between buying and receiving those bottles of alcohol, I have found myself buying a daiquiri only to find myself falling asleep in bed after only two sips. It is very clear that I could be spending my money on more important things. So I’m going to challenge myself to not drink. My last drink was a sip of champagne as a farewell to alcohol and a hello into the New Year. I shall keep you all updated on my no booze life. Especially since Mardi Gras is coming up. I simply see this as something healthy for my body, my bank account, and also maybe I can inspire others who may have a drinking problem to seek out giving it up. I am far from being an alcoholic and therefore am not dealing with an addiction sickness, but I do want to shed light on ways to avoid drinking and possibly give hope to whoever may need it.

Bye bye boys. 2016 I started the year ending a really emotional relationship with someone I loved dearly and tried my hand at dating, but honestly it was all a crash and burn situation. So many crazy things happened and a good bit of the dates I went on honestly sucked. Also the type of men I have been dating have been draining me emotionally and financially. I feel as though the only time I should ever feel drained is after certain activities, but it’s dryer than a desert over here and I think I’m only exhausted from the heat wave.. (did you see what I did there?) I rather grow more as a woman and save my money. I no longer wish to feel pressured to find love nor do I want to deal with another person’s baggage yet. I’m seeking solitude this year. There are parts of myself that I want to get to know more before I share myself with another person.

My sweet tooth is going to hate me. This is a silly resolution, but it is a serious one. I have a horrible sweet tooth, especially when I am upset or stressed. I can down a whole bag of Halloween candy like it is my last supper. At my job there are various vending machines and a welcome desk with a bowl of candy that pretty much everyone takes candy from. I’m 100% sure the people that work there eat more of the candy from this bowl than our own visitors to the company’s office. I will eat about 5 or six pieces of candy every other day. Although I brush, floss, and have a loving relationship with my dentist, I still believe I need to chill out on the candy. Not only am I concerned for my teeth, but as I stated with the alcohol, I am concerned with my health. I am not in full workout mode yet, but this is a great step into living a healthier life. Therefore bye bye bowls of candy.

We are only 5 days into the new year and originally this was not on my B’s list, but I had to add this at the last second. Bad friends, don’t we dislike bad friends? Well your girl has reached a peak with these bad friends. I’ve been working on my standards and being aware of my own expectations of people and making sure I am clear about what I expect from people I choose to call family, friends, and even lovers. I tolerate plenty and the past two years I have realized just how unhealthy that has been on me. I feel as though for a long time I have found myself overextending myself for people who wouldn’t jump the distance of a small puddle for me. I have been investing in people who would never think about helping me. People who have never really supported my ideas and dreams. People who have given chance after chance to improve their ways so I would no longer feel guilty for loving and supporting so selflessly. After having a couple of Drake and Brandy’s songs on repeat you eventually have to realize that some people are not really your friend or that they are not willing to put in the same effort you put into the friendship and therefore there seems to be no purpose in continuing the friendship. Some friendships are meant to be put to an end or just simply fade away. I am a firm believer that not every chapter of your life will be shared with the same people. I am a lover and I have a horrible habit of never truly letting people go and therefore I am obviously sad about lost friendships, but I am excited about new chapters with new people. I am grateful for the people I once called friends and a part of me will always love them, but sometimes you just have to outgrow people who are no good for you.

I am really focused on my B’s for 2017. So far I have deleted contacts out of my phone (which is something I NEVER do), I have successfully avoided the bags of candy and chocolate someone kindly left in the kitchen at work with a sweet “for everyone” sign, I’ve been ignoring boys left and right, and I plan on throwing away all of my alcohol when I leave the house for work later on. I want a healthy 2017. Even if I do give in and mess up (I hope I don’t), I will start over again and again till I get it right. 2017 will be my year of health and financial gains. I am hopeful and excited. Wish me luck! Happy New Year and may success and joy come your way this year.


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