Busy Busy Classy

Oh my. That’s my current expression without any curse words or words covered with the sounds of my cries. Oh my. It has been a crazy two months. I apologize for completely going ghost on everyone, but when real life starts calling you have to pick up the phone because she won’t knock at the door. She will just kick it down. I think life decided to pick a battle with me these last couple of months and I’ve been squared up with her every since. Let’s just call it growing pains. Five years from now I will look back at this chapter and will smile because I know through every storm there is a rainbow that comes out of it. There’s a lesson that can be learned, a skill that is gained, strength that is grown in chapters such as this. I look forward to see what kind of woman I become because of this particular chapter in my life.

My purpose of this post? To simply apologize for being away for a while. My ability to express myself in all forms especially my writing is important to me and I should never allow circumstances in my life keep me away from doing things that I love to do. I enjoy writing and sharing my little thoughts with you all even though still till this day I’m wondering why are so many of you still reading this blog. Am I that interesting? I’m grateful for having an audience to begin with. Therefore once again, sorry for going ghost on you all. Classy loves each and every one of you.

I’m still in my season of growth so bear with me as I continue to experience life in many different ways. From work, managing my personal brand, blogging, writing poetry, speaking at events, taking photos, and trying to maintain a social life while trying to pay bills can all be exhausting and time consuming. All of it is exactly how I want to live my life though. I think I’m still in the process of finding a flow for everything and therefore some days I have to stop giving my attention and energy to one thing to tend to another thing. Eventually I will be able to do it all. Just watch me. Till then just understand that I’m a busy busy Classy woman.

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