Can you blame me?

I found myself sitting.
I’ve just been waiting.
Patient some days.
Other days I find myself more frustrated than anything.
Can you blame me?
Never weighed my happiness on it, but it influences a lot of moods.
Got you asking if anything ever goes right.
Seems like it’s a spinning wheel and every dagger you throw is just landing on another chapter of uncomfortable.
They say growth can put you in uncomfortable spaces.
I’m trying to see how I find myself in the same place.
Seems like everything is moving, but this one thing in every chapter remains constant.
Can you blame me?
Blame me for trying and leaping for happiness.
Was ready and willing to go over a cliff for this happiness.
Scary of what I was willing to risk.
Questioning my sanity, but only realized I was starving.
How long can I go accepting what’s less of me?
Can you blame me?
I don’t blame a thing.
Hopelessly waiting for something to surprise me in a blink.
Rightfully deserved.
I’ve done all the uncomfortable.
I’ve done all the growth.
Can you blame me for wanting what I’m worth?

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