Caring for myself during COVID-19

Coronavirus. God I hate coronavirus. If me right now went back into the past to warn me in the fall of 2019 about a virus that could potentially kill millions in 2020, I wouldn’t even believe it. This year has been one for the books. We are living in the middle of a huge history chapter that we know our grandkids will one day have a stressful history exam on. 

We are living in the middle of stressful times right now. It’s my generation’s first pandemic ever. If being a black millennial woman in America wasn’t even more stressful, now I have to deal with a deadly virus.

Everyone keeps asking me how I’m doing and I honestly haven’t had a straightforward answer for that. I don’t clearly know how I’m doing. I’m just doing. I’m just here right now and I’m thankful to be here because not many people were blessed with the opportunity to still be here. May God rest their souls and heal the broken hearts of their loved ones. 

I’ve been trying my best to take care of myself in the midst of all of this the best way I know how. Here are a few things I’ve been doing to care for myself in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic:

Health is wealth. 


I’ve being staying in contact with all of my doctors to ensure that I’m healthy. I make sure that I check my temperature every day and I take my daily vitamins and any other medication that my doctors prescribe me. Regardless of the potential to catch the virus there are still other illnesses that we have to worry about and it’s important for you to always know your health numbers and take care of yourself. 

You are what you eat.


This has been such a stressful time for all of us and if you’re like me you probably have been stress eating. For the first few months, beginning in March, I was eating everything in sight. Although I was still working, I had plenty of quarantine snacks and I was making sure I ate every snack in sight. After eating all of my snacks and having a button on my pants pop, I realized that I had to watch what I eat. I started cooking more and choosing healthier options. What you eat can control your mood. Fruits and veggies have been keeping me calm. My smoothies always keep me collected and together. If you eat good, you will feel good too. Recently I got back into drinking tea. Local honey helps with allergies so tea with honey has been pretty helpful with keeping me calm and helping me out with my allergies. 

Stay active.


Corona-15 exists. I’ve started making sure I get up from my desk at work to stretch my legs, going for walks after work, and more recently my friends and I have decided to workout together virtually to stay fit and active. Being locked up in the house can be boring too so I would suggest being active, but stick to socially distancing yourself from others. Outside is the best way to spread out and be active. There are also free videos online that you can watch to get that perfect workout in or allow yourself to relax with some yoga. 



Cleaning for me has always been an easy way for me to relax. If I have something on my mind that’s been bothering me, you’ll see me on my knees scrubbing the floor at 3 am. With all the anxiety surrounding the virus cleaning can help you stay calm by having a task to do, but also knowing that your space is clean and safe from the virus. I already had a strict cleaning routine, but now I deep clean my house at least twice a week with minimal cleaning every day. I choose areas of my space to focus on every other day and get to deep cleaning. I’ve donated a lot of items over the course of three months simply because of cleaning and cleansing my space. Clutter out and peace in.  

Items that keep me at ease.


I became a plant mom in the fall of last year, but more recently I started buying more plants. Caring for something outside of myself has been a challenge and but a great distraction. I’ve even started keeping flowers such as roses in my house to lighten the mood. I never understood candle people because of my sinuses, but I have been able to find some scents that don’t bother me and I have been in love ever since. I just light a candle when I get home and relax. 

This pandemic is not a race and is very much a marathon. Please be gentle with yourself. Talk to a friend, family member, or even a professional if you are feeling anxious or just need someone to talk to. Put your overall wellbeing first. Continue to be safe by wearing a mask, socially distancing yourself from others, and limiting your time outside your house to protect others, but more importantly take care of you. This too shall pass.  

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