Good Vibes

Lately I’ve been in the midst of understanding my own personal strength when it comes to handling my emotions. Life can get really tough every now and then and such hardships can really influence your emotions. It makes me question my own ability to be positive and give off good vibes. I think it is important for a person to be aware of the things they say and do that influences their surroundings. Just be aware of the energy I know I am putting out into the world.

As much as I would like to think it’s very simple, it’s actually a little bit complex if you think about it. What if you simply have a miserable life and one bad thing after another bad thing happens and nothing you have done so far has been able to solve these bad situations? Having such a miserable life could potentially make you a miserable person and you would be upset and unhappy all of the time. Would you consider that to be your fault? For not being positive due to your mood being influenced by all the horrible things occurring in your life. Are you responsible to maintain a positive attitude if not for yourself, but for others because they will feel uncomfortable by your own personal misery? Maybe the fault lies at your own feet because the misery you feel is based on your own perception of good and bad events occurring in one’s life? Maybe you are your own worst enemy and have only been focusing on the negatives that ultimately influences your mood and makes you a negative person to be around? There could be absolutely no reason to be negative and unhappy all the time.

I think an important question to ask yourself is, “Are you happy with your current vibe?” I believe that it is possible to change your attitude about something despite your emotions. You could be going through a horrible chapter in your life. You can feel many things such as anger, exhaustion, sadness, etc. I believe that with effort you have the ability to choose between wallowing in those emotions or understanding and acknowledging them, but choosing to emotionally respond in a positive manner. Yes, you may be sad today, but you have hope that that feeling won’t last forever and therefore you still choose to smile at others and not distance yourself from everyone. You choose to continue to make jokes and walk in your light. You choose to love harder even though you are exhausted and you feel as though you are all out of love.

Yes, you can be concerned with what kind of vibe you’re putting off and how it influences the people around you, but I think you should also focus on how you are controlling your emotions and influencing your life and how everything comes full circle to influence your emotions. Are you wallowing or are you trying to feel good despite your current emotional state?


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