Heart to Heart

Lets’s have a heart to heart.
Lately I’ve been feeling like you haven’t been doing your part.
I’ve been patiently waiting.
When are you going to start?
The bare minimum doesn’t make you a keeper.
I’m searching for something a bit more deeper.
Let’s be realistic.
I’ve got a craving for a man.
One who fulfills my every need.
A man who’s takes up the space I leave open for him.
Shows up when I’m in need.
Keeps to his promises.
And rarely disappoints.

Let’s have a heart to heart.
Because I don’t think you’re paying attention to me.
Are you keeping your eyes on the prize?
Or have you already thought you’ve won.
We’ve just begun and effort never ends.
I want goosebumps, butterflies, and the heat between my thighs
well into when we are 95.
You don’t get to be blessed and lazy.
This isn’t a part time job.
Not some shake back.
A good time.
Some jump off.
Lack of effort will get a “fuck off.”

Let’s have a heart to heart.
Because I’m hungry.
Don’t expect me to keep bringing to a table I myself cannot eat from.
Are you matching my effort?
Love, creativity
Are you thinking about the next thing to make me happy?
I got a million and one meals and surprises for you.
I’m just wondering what’s the worth in it all.
Someone willing to pour all my love into.
Is that someone even you?
Cause I got a bag of tricks.
But I’m worth more than a bag.
I’m not just some other chick.

Let’s have a heart to heart.
Do you really know who you’re messing with?

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