Holiday season mood

This year has been interesting, but as the year comes to a close the mood has been quite weird. It could be an age thing, recent events, hectic schedule, or just the universe in itself, but this holiday season seemed a bit grim. I wasn’t even walking around being the Grinch either. I’ve done pretty much everything possible to get myself into the holiday spirit, but unfortunately I’ve been unable to be the typically jolly and bouncy classy girl you all expect me to be. I’ve just been present. I spent some time feeling guilty for not feeling like myself, but as the days pass I’m beginning to feel less guilty and understand that simply being present is enough.

My holiday season has been BUSY. Here area few things I’ve done that should have gotten me into the holiday spirit:

  • Hosted a Christmas tree lighting ceremony
  • Sang holiday songs
  • Set up a Christmas themed photo booth and take photos
  • Ate marshmallows meant for cocoa (that lactose intolerant life)
  • Indulged in cookies
  • Organized an angel tree and managed gift drop offs for kids and the elderly
  • Lit a “winter” candle
  • Got a dark green color on my nails
  • Decorated Christmas trees
  • Wore festive colors
  • Spent time with loved ones

In the midst of my busy schedule I also received sweet holiday cards, chocolate, chocolate covered almonds, praline candy, wine, essential oils, and much more. I’ve been surrounded by so many people and have enough sweets to keep me on a sugar high, but for some reason I’m just not in the mood for the holidays this year. It seems as though I’m going through the motions. Maybe it’s just the season, me adjusting to adulthood, or just my hormones, but I’m only present this year.

I am blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing people who have made me comfortable this holiday season and I’m grateful that we all have been blessed to see another day. Maybe next year will be the year I’m hyper and extremely excited. This year, if you’re looking for me, I’ll be in my pj’s enjoying a plate of food and watching a movie. Either that or knocked out on my sofa under my heating blanket with the threat of waking up to chocolate all over my face because I fell asleep eating sweet again. Either way it’s a chill holiday mood.

Happy holidays from me to you.

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