I was there

I was there. 

Was finally at the doorway with my arm stretched out with my hand out.

I could feel the sun and all of its warmth. 

See the rays of sunshine on my skin.

My shadow dance below me as I stretched my fingers. 

A few more steps and I could feel the warmth of it all on my face.

Let it welcome me and kiss my skin. 

I was there. 

Retreated back to where I feel safe. 

The sun left a burn in its place.

Another scar to add to the others. 

Marked and reminded to protect my space. 

Finding solace in the darkness. 

But I was there. 

Don’t say I didn’t try. 

I stood there for quite a while. 

Quietly waiting. 

I was there.

I just couldn’t stay. 

It brought me too much pain.