Lately I’ve been doubting my ability to effectively put the
words together to express my love for you.
I can’t dress it up, make it flow like sweet sugar in lemonade.
I can’t write the poems I usually do.
I’ve always had a hard time writing about you.
I’m doubting my ability to make it beautiful.
Touch your soul with my words.
Make you taste and feel my love.
Familiarize yourself with my current heartache.
How do I explain a pain that was expected?
Hope that was attempting to strive?
Longing, this longing to be near you.
How do I make it sweet?
Make this love popular?
Put together the right words to ease my own pain.
How do I casually tell the world that I love you?
That I’ll be fine without you, but there’s some misery that I will endure
that will leave a stain I doubt will ever be washed away.
I don’t know how to make it sweet.
I’m suck between mourning, longing, and still loving you.
Self expression is a beauty of its own, but who needs a poem to explain
to the masses when I could just have you quietly next to me?
Because letting you go isn’t something I want to do.
I don’t want to write love poems sweet as sugar.
I rather be just loving you.

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