Lunch with A.Classy: Breaux Mart King Cake

I recently was the lucky winner for Breaux Mart’s NYE twitter contest and won a gift card to their store. If you aren’t from New Orleans, then you probably don’t know much about Breaux Mart. Breaux Mart is a grocery store with four different locations in the Greater New Orleans Area. I discovered Breaux Mart when a friend of mine brought some spinach dip to a potluck party and I became obsessed and wanted to know where they got the dip.

I discovered that there was a grocery store near my house that I never bothered to check out because I was still okay with going to Walmart anytime I needed something. Those days are long gone. As you get older, the last thing you want to do is drive across town to shop at Walmart.

The spinach dip reeled me in. I’ve picked up fruit for my smoothies there and my lucky plant on my desk is even from Breaux Mart. It’s a small town grocery store, but you can pretty much find almost everything you need there. So winning a gift card is like hitting the jackpot. My food budget thanks them.

What’s the first thing I bought with my handy dandy gift card you asked? KING CAKE ME BABY. It’s carnival season and you already know what that means. King cake till we can’t king cake anymore! I’m a pretty basic kind of girl so I don’t need all the fancy flavor king cakes. There are many flavors for king cakes such as chocolate, cream cheese, apple, etc. Plain king cake will keep me happy all month long.

I drove over to Breaux Mart on a mission to get my king cake and left the store with my king cake, juice, and two containers of spinach dip because it’s been too long and I need some spinach dip in my life.

For those that have never had king cake before, just think of it as a big cinnamon roll covered in icing and sprinkles in Mardi Gras colors. Each king cake has a baby hidden inside. Whoever finds the piece with the baby they have to buy the next king cake. I bought this king cake for myself so there was no need to hide the baby because if I want another king cake I can buy it, now that I’m big ballin’ with my gift card.

I love carnival season. There’s nothing like king cake to remind you of home sweet home.

Happy carnival! If you see me out on St. Charles or under the bridge like this dancing to that 5th Ward Weebie “Bend It Ova Bak It Up” please mind your business.

Classy eating!