Lunch with A.Classy: Café Minh

I had an unexpected lunch invite, but it led to trying out a place I’ve never been to. I was in the midst of conducting business so I had my business heels on and therefore I wasn’t in my “Lunch with A.Classy” mode. (Don’t expect many pictures) I had my business lunch at Café Minh, located in mid city New Orleans. My lunch date and I only ordered a quick lunch, but unfortunately after waiting around for our food, our waitress came to apologize because our order ticket had not been submitted so they had not been working on our food. We had some food sent to our table as an apology while we waited for our original order.

The waitress had a watermelon and crab meat martini sent over to us. It consisted of watermelon, crab meat, avocado, cilantro, and is served with a side of shrimp chips that are fried fresh. The presentation was nice and I love shrimp chips. Although a little different from what I’m used to eating, I was down to try it. I wouldn’t be a true foodie if I didn’t try new things and what better way to apologize to me, than bribe me with free food. My curiosity received a little tap on the shoulder. This is how it looked.

I was nervous. It was not bad at all. It was very different, but I like how fresh it tasted. Typically menu items like these can be ruined if one of the items of food is not as fresh as its counterparts and it can set everything off. I usually end up having to pick around because the combination is not good, but the mixture of the avocado, crab meat, and even the watermelon was good. The fried shrimp chips weren’t as salty as fried shrimp chips you would pick up at a grocery store, which was a good thing because the chips really balanced everything out nicely. I think too much seasoning would have ruined it.

I didn’t eat much of the our martini delight because soon after I took a few bites our food came out and I was starving. My lunch guest recommended the red curry shrimp pasta. I’m a typical New Orleans girl so I like spicy food and I have a love for pasta so it was the perfect option for me. The red curry shrimp pasta consisted of sauteed shrimp with a spicy red curry sauce over angel hair pasta. It looked beautiful and smelled so good.

Everything about the red curry shrimp pasta was perfect. It was the right amount of spice. Enough to make me sniffle a little bit, but not too strong that I can’t enjoy all parts of my meal. The shrimp were the perfect size and there were enough to make sure I was full. I’m unsure about you, but I hate when I order some form of shrimp pasta and there isn’t an equal balance of shrimp and pasta and I’m left eating a mouthful of pasta because I’ve ran out of shrimp to eat. (I really love shrimp)

Everything was beautiful and the staff were kind and professional even when they made a mistake. I would like to visit again, but possibly at a later time and try them for dinner. The restaurant was beautiful. They have table seating and I noticed a bar where there was seating available also. I’ll probably visit when I’m not in the middle of conducting business and see how the atmosphere feels with friends. I also want to try their bar menu. Their website says they have a lemongrass cocktail. I’m looking forward to a second visit soon.

Classy eating!