Lunch with A.Classy: California Pizza Kitchen

I visited Chicago for the first time to attend a business conference and during the conference we were given time to leave the hotel and look for lunch within the city. After walking for a while my staff and I ended up at this place called California Pizza Kitchen. We had never visited a California Pizza Kitchen before and honestly we chose this place because it was the only place that seemed like it did not have a long wait. Also you can’t ever go wrong with pizza! Well that’s an understatement because I have had poorly cooked pizza before, but you get what I mean. Picky eaters will always eat pizza no matter what and I needed to choose a place that both of my staff members would agree on.

So when we were seated we were given bread with some olive oil to dip them in. Seeing as though we had been walking around for a while looking for a place to eat we were extremely hungry by the time we sat down, therefore the bread that was given to us tasted like heaven. The waiter looked at us weird because every time they turned their back we had attacked the plate of bread and now needed another round.

Since we were on “vacation” and officially legal, we decided to try our first ever sangria and they were super delicious. We ordered the red and white sangrias which consisted of red wine with lime and cranberry juice and white wine with oranges and blueberries. Surprisingly they were quite strong because we ended up having to down them pretty fast to make sure we were on time to get back to our hotel where the conference was being held. On our walk back we were loads of giggles and not miserable because of the cold. (New Orleans to Chicago weather was not an easy adjustment!)

After enjoying our drinks and the multiple plates of bread my pizza finally arrived. I ordered the original bbq chicken pizza which had bbq sauce, smoked Gouda, red onions, fresh cilantro, and fresh pineapple. For a quick bite to eat this pizza was glorious. If I had to suggest a place to grab a quick bite to eat, especially for a picky eater, I would suggest California Pizza Kitchen. If you have one in your city I suggest you check them out.

Classy eating!


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