Lunch with A.Classy: City Greens

I’ve been on the go lately which means I haven’t been eating as much and as healthy as I should be. I decided to get something that I knew would make me feel good inside and chose to order from City Greens.

I could blog about this place a million times and I would not care how tired you all would get about me talking about this place. This is honestly the best place to get a salad in New Orleans.

I was introduced to this place when I worked in advertising and have done business with them, but I actually never ordered from them myself until years later when I was craving something to eat. I started off only ever eating their wraps, which are still my top choice, but more recently I’ve ventured out to trying their salads.

I ordered the Southwest Salad which contains mixed greens, romaine, avocado, black beans, corn, tomato, shaved onion (I get it without onions or always pick them out if they forget to not include it), pepper jack, local tortilla chips, and jalapeño lime dressing. They also sell Natalie’s, but I wasn’t interested in the lemonade I usually get and so I tried the beet orange for the first time. All which was fabulous!

If you know me, then you know I rarely ever finish my food in one sitting, so if I do just know that’s a huge compliment. I guess you can say I was hungry because I cleaned the bowl. Ha!

To make it even better, I also felt good after eating it. That’s always a good sign when you don’t feel bloated or too full after eating something. How I felt is exactly why I ordered a salad from City Greens. Love them and love their food. Classy eating!