Lunch with A.Classy: Midnight Noodle Pop Up

Let me start off by saying, it has been too long. It has been a good minute since I have had Midnight Noodle’s food. Chef Melvin and I are good friends and surprise surprise he has been my lunch date for the past few vegan meals I have blogged about. If you don’t follow him, then you may not have recently learned that my lovely friend has come back over to the dark side and now makes a mixture of vegan meals with beef options. So that will explain why you will be seeing me eat a beef food item from a popular vegan chef.

So let’s get into this pop up, which was literally a pop up. I was sitting at home eating a sandwich and I saw Midnight Noodle post that he’s doing a pop up that started maybe 20 minutes ago. So I washed my behind, wrapped this bird’s nest on my head up, grabbed my camera, and went out into the cold to see my dear food loving chef. Or as you can say, I decided to pop up on his pop up.

Midnight Noodle did his pop up at a Turning Tables event. Turning Tables is a nonprofit organization, located in New Orleans, that focuses on hospitality skills and nurturing leadership skills within the community. There’s nothing like a little bit of food with a mixture of supporting my community. The event was hosted at the old St. Peter and Paul church which is now part of Hotel Peter and Paul. The old church is still beautiful and a great space to have events like Turning Tables.

Although I showered and rushed to get there, I sadly missed out on all the dumplings. A couple ordered two orders of dumplings right before I got over to Chef Melvin. Clearly disappointed, because I’ve been harassing my dear friend for dumplings for months, I was very much still open to try something new from him as well.

First, let us take a minute to acknowledge the dumplings I had to sit and watch being made. The true definition of having to love someone from at a distance.

After watching Chef Melvin hand off those beautiful dumplings and having my moment, I watched him prepared my meal. He made me Taiwanese beef rolls. I’ve never had Taiwanese beef rolls before so I was curious about how they would taste. He shared a photo of them on his Instagram story when he announced he was doing a pop up and they looked really good.

I was rushing to get dressed to pop on Chef Melvin so I did not think about the fact that I had been using my camera non stop and had yet to charge it. So by the time I got to the event and was ready to take some shots, I tried to turn on my camera and it immediately told me “nope.” So my pictures this time around are not the greatest because I took them on my iPhone 8. If anyone would like to donate to get me a new iPhone my cash app is $alishaisclassy. Thank you in advance.

That image of the beef rolls doesn’t do it much justice, but just know it was so good. I tried to get a picture of what it looked on the inside as best as I could with the lighting and the time I had available to edit these pictures. (busy schedule)

My advice to you is to try to catch Midnight Noodle at one of his pop ups or sign up to attend one of his classes. He recently began hosting cooking classes and private group dinners. His dumplings are to die for. You won’t regret it. His beef rolls have now been added to my list of favorites.

Classy eating!