Lunch with A.Classy Pho Bistreaux (Food Truck) Part 2

A few months back I tried food from Pho Bistreaux’s food truck and it was amazing. If you haven’t read that blog post you can find it here. I tried their sliders (bacos) and immediately fell in love. One thing I did not try, but promised I would eventually, was their pho. I heard it was good and I’ve been hungry and curious ever since. So when their food truck came back around, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to try their pho.

I was able to get their pho with shrimp instead of chicken, which also makes it my first time ever having shrimp pho ever in my life. It was amazing. A hint of lime and sriracha sauce mixed in and I was ready to dig in. If you are extremely hungry and need a meal to fill you up, I would highly suggested getting their pho. One time was enough to make me fall in love and come back. I’ve now had both their shrimp pho and their chicken pho. Both equally delicious.

I would highly suggest checking out their food truck. The customer service was great and the food is even better.

Classy eating!