Lunch with A.Classy: Pho Bistreaux (Food Truck)

I’ve heard about Pho Bistreaux here in New Orleans a few times when asking around for best places to get Pho and I’ve seen them at events as well, but I never really got the opportunity to try them out. There’s a burger joint around the corner from them that I frequently visited (till they burned my burger twice…we’re taking a “break”), so you can say I’ve been distracted by a bacon burger with fries a few times, but I’m no longer distracted. This time around I decided to finally try them!

Pho Bistreaux has a food truck and that day was their lucky day because the food truck next to them selling fried shrimp just wasn’t catching my eye, especially with its extremely long line and my busy schedule for the day. So I stopped by Pho Bistreaux’s truck to check them out. First off, when have you ever seen a food truck with a whole TV to display their menu? Talk about going digital much. Either completely advance or I don’t get out much. I’ll let my food truck foodies be the judge of that.

So I casually pulled up and was second in line and took a few minutes to eye the menu on the TV. One thing that stuck out to me was their “sliders” menu option. I was a little confused about that because the pictures at the bottom of the menu looked like bacos or Vietnamese tacos. So I inquired about what were the sliders and I was told they are bacos, but they call them sliders at their restaurant to be set themselves apart. I was perfectly okay with that as long as it was what I thought it was.

Have I told y’all that I love bacos? I LOVE BACOS. There I said it. Now don’t forget it. I discovered them once on a date 3 years ago and have been in love with them ever since. If you ever see me sitting in a Vietnamese restaurant by myself, I’m probably stuffing my face with some bacos. So boom. Let’s get into these rebranded bacos, sliders. So I order the grilled chicken sliders and the pork egg rolls and the lovely chef threw in a pork slider for me to try. (how sweet of him) 

Chicken sliders

Pork egg rolls

Pork slider

It was so good.

I officially have a new spot for sliders (bacos)! I was a little hesitant about the pork slider, but I think that may have been my favorite one out of all of them. It was so good. Everything tasted fresh too. Typically when you’re ordering from a food truck. You have to understand that this is street food and therefore it may not be the best thing ever, but wow. It was as if I was sitting inside a restaurant. Everything was tasty and I loved it. Seeing as though it’s called Pho Bistreaux I will be checking out their pho soon. I heard it’s just as great as everything else on their menu. I’m excited to explore all parts of their menu.

Classy eating!