Lunch with A.Classy: Seed

In a failed attempt to eat “healthy” a close friend of mine and I decided to try something new that would benefit us because we typically eat unhealthy food and we are now realizing that maybe we want to just live a little bit longer. Therefore we decided to go to a restaurant called Seed and it was quite an experience. An experience I don’t think I want to have again. It was not an “everything shot to hell” experience, but more or less of a “different tastes” experience. Meaning? I did not care much for the food.

We started off with their blended juices. I ordered the “the standard” which consists of carrots, beets, granny smith apples, lemon, and ginger, and my friend ordered the “seed super 8” which consists of carrot, celery, cucumber, granny smith apple, kale, spinach, tomato, and garlic. My juice was okay. I have had better, but it wasn’t horrible. It was warm and that bothered me. I get that everything is fresh, but I love cold fresh blended juice. Warm juice bothers me on so may levels. My friend’s juice was something I would probably never order. The garlic was overpowering and I think they should have added some apple juice or something to make it less of a garlic flavor. You get what you order and she got a garlic filled juice. The things we put ourselves through while trying to be “healthy.”

Our meal came out a few minutes after we received our juice. I ordered the “eggplant poboy” and she the “creole zucchini wraps” (salad). I was not too happy about my food and I think the quality of these photos are proof as well.

I wish I would have gotten more potatoes because they were really good. The eggplant was awesome as well. I was not too found of the cream sauce that was on the sandwich. For such a thick bread there was barely any eggplant on it as well. I decided to simply eat the eggplant by itself and then picked at the bread till our waitress brought our check. My friend’s meal or as she put it, “some zucchini noodle bull” was not good. If I had to describe it, I would say that it tasted like the bottom of a regular salad where there are left over pieces of lettuce, a lot of dressing, and it’s extremely cold and sloppy. I suggested that maybe a warm version of this could possibly be better. One with less sauce. I also ordered some three bean chili to go for a coworker and got a small. It was barely a cup of chili that came out and it was $6. A can of chili from the store is cheaper and larger than the cup of red and black beans they handed over to me.

I get it. Healthy food can be expensive, not all healthy food has extreme spices in it, serving sizes do exist, BUT there was simply nothing amazing about this place. I have had my share of vegan food and this place was not worth the price nor the time. There was so many ways the food could have been altered to make it just a little bit better.

Sitting and wondering why we are here…

To top the meal we were in the presence of a young hippie looking girl with a fake Bindi. She looked quite far from being Hindu so we weren’t really excited about the cultural appropriation. The very reason why #ReclaimtheBindi exists. To make a long story short a brown and a black girl went in search of a healthy place to eat and instead found a bland, warm juice, culture appropriating, over priced restaurant instead. We should have played it safe and went to St. Roch like we always do. If anyone has any suggestions on where we can go to find healthy food here in New Orleans please feel free to comment below or send me a message on any of my social networks.

Classy Eating!

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