Lunch with A.Classy: Self Care Meatballs

So boom. Life has hit me, well all of us. I’ve been busy working during this COVID-19 pandemic and I’ve been exhausted emotionally and physically. After working nonstop with no days off the last 2-3 months, I decided today I would take a mental health day. So I stayed home and avoided checking my email. I took multiple much needed naps and around 4 pm I got out of bed and decided I was going to try to make meatballs for the first time.

Fun fact: I don’t eat red meat often.

I typically buy turkey so what I had in my fridge was ground turkey. Lucky for me I’ve reached the level of adulthood where I’m responsible enough to have remembered to take the ground turkey out of the freezer last night, therefore it was nice and ready for me to cook when I got up from my nap today.

Seeing as though this was my first time making meatballs, I pretty much didn’t know what I was doing. So google became my best friend. I found two recipes:

Baked Turkey Meatballs by Erin Clarke

Chef John’s Italian Meatballs

Two things you will learn about me: I rarely follow directions and I like to mix up recipes. So this is how I made my turkey meatballs.


1 lb of ground turkey
1/2 onion (all I had was yellow onions so I used yellow onions)
1 egg
About 30 saltine crackers crushed in a ziploc bag (2 handfuls, I didn’t count)
Season All
Black Pepper
Garlic Powder
(Don’t ask me for measurements, I just shook my wrist and hoped the black genes in me helped me seasoned my meatballs correctly)

I preheated my oven for 425 degrees F and placed aluminium on my pan and rubbed olive oil all over.

I mixed all of my ingredients together and then covered the bowl and placed it in the fridge for an hour. Once the hour was up, I then wet my hands and began to roll out my meatballs and placed them on the pan I covered in olive oil earlier. I let them cook for about 20-24 minutes in the oven.

I don’t keep a meat thermometer on me because I don’t cook much, so I had to google how turkey meatballs are supposed to look to tell if they are fully cooked. After going through one post about putting my index finger against my thumb and feeling the skin on the palm of my hand, I decided to try sticking a butter knife in one of my meatballs for 10 seconds and then placed it on my lip (as suggested in a post I found online) and it was hot as hell. Don’t know why I did that, especially since I read that off a post I found on google, but the post did say that if the knife was “comfortably” hot then the meatballs were fully cooked. I tasted it and it tasted like heaven. I’m a perfectionist and also don’t want to get sick so I facetimed my mom and she said they looked cooked and yummy. (Thanks mom!)

So to finish it off, I cooked some rotini pasta and threw in some Ragu traditional red sauce because I’m hungry and not fancy and then threw in my meatballs. It came out better than I thought it would. The meatballs were extremely tasty and I will most likely make this again when I get bored and hungry.

If you try making your own meatballs, make sure you tag me on Instagram.

I hope all of you are safe and well. Please remember to wash your hands.

Classy eating!