Lunch with A.Classy: The Vintage

I’m a bit late to visiting The Vintage. I’ve always known it as just a coffee shop because I’m always seeing their guests outside with coffee and beignets. I often forget that they have food and a bar. I’ve gone inside a few times to get a few great shots with my camera because the restaurant is gorgeous, but I’ve never taken the time to stop by and check out the menu.

This past week was a busy one. Currently the world is facing the coronavirus (COVID-19). What better way to end my busy week than dining out right? I would highly suggest against eating out while the cornavirus is still spreading as social distancing is important in lessening the spread of the virus. I only visited The Vintage because a coworker asked to grab drinks after work and this past week has been hell, we both deserved to get a drink, and I wanted to support our hospitality businesses one last time before things get a little hectic. With the virus getting around, there will be a lot of hospitality and service industry workers out of work till things get back to normal.

I asked her to suggest a bar that we both knew would be quiet and extremely clean and she suggested The Vintage, so we ended up there. As usual the place was extremely cute. I love the whole design and layout of the restaurant. The staff washed their hands after every order they took, wore gloves when managing money, wiped off pens, and their work areas. I appreciated their efforts in keeping themselves and their customers safe.

I ordered the Tia’s Can Can which was one of their seasonal cocktails that had hibiscus infused tequila, pineapple, jalapeno, and was described as “vibrant island flavors with just the right amount of spice.” It was exactly that too. Each sip was sweet with a hit of spice as the jalapeno finished each sip off.

Now I said it was a long week so I ordered a second drink at the same time. My second drink was called Lavender Blossom Fizz. The drink consisted of lavender infused vodka, honey, orange blossom, cream, and was described as “fragrant citrus stimulates the senses for light and velvety refresher.” It was a beautiful drink. I think it would be the perfect drink to have while sitting with friends for a long time. I wasn’t expecting the drink to have so much “cream” factor to it and it wasn’t giving me the quick buzz I wanted it. It was more of a smooth drink that I would typically sip slowly if it was going to be my only drink for the night. It was still really good.

I had stuffed my face with hot pockets before leaving the house so I should have been full before making it over to the restaurant, but I was still hungry so we ordered the truffle Parmesan fries to fill us up. I wasn’t expecting much from the fries because it was something we just threw into the mix, but I surprised at how good those fries were. They were perfectly cut fries. Not too big, not too small, but perfectly cut. They weren’t soggy, too salty, or too cheesy. They were perfect and we ate the whole bowl of fries within minutes. I can see myself going back just to get an order of fries to go, that’s how good they were.

Overall it was a great night full of laughs, drinks, and great fries. This was a great outing before things get a bit more hectic in our city. I’m sending all of my love to all my service industry and hospitality workers. I’m hoping for the best and keeping all of you in my prayers. Stay safe please.

Classy eating!