I went into my first LUSH the other day and it was like being in a candy store, but you could die. *ahhhh!* Anyway! So I have extremely sensitive skin plus a skin disorder therefore I do not get to use cool body products. All the lovely lotions with glitter and cool smells? Yes, those. I can’t touch them. So when it comes to stores like LUSH, well I avoid them like the plague. One day while out on lunch I had some time to spare so I decided to check out a LUSH that was across the street. I am unsure if they have gone all out because of the Holidays or it always looks like that in the store, but it was just lovely. The store was so cute and I was so excited to be there. The ladies working were so kind and helped me try out some soaps and lotions for people with sensitive skin. I even got to leave with samples so I can try them out and see if I break out or not. I took some cute pictures and have been obviously posting them all over my social networks. It was such a cute experience and their customer service all around is A+++. If I don’t break out in the next week or so LUSH will have completely won over my little sensitive, but big heart.







I just had to tweet them!