New Year, Still Can’t Sleep

Don’t get me wrong. I do sleep. I just don’t sleep like normal people. I’ve been finding myself waking up at this time and unable to go back to sleep for a long time now. I’ve tried different diets, working out, and I even looked into taking melatonin, but sadly they weren’t much help. So here I am. It’s 2:40 AM and I’ve been awake since midnight. I’ve had left over french bread from dinner and I’m downing a bottle of water as I type because for some odd reason New Orleans decided to actually have a winter and my skin has been feeling extra dry with 30 degree weather. The worst part in all of this is that I’m actually tired. Well mentally I’m a little exhausted. Coming back to work after having a whole week off has been pretty busy. A.Classy has money to make this year. #moneymoves

Since being awake at this time has now become a norm and pretty much a lifestyle for me since I was a kid, I have figured out how to keep myself entertained during these quiet early mornings while everyone is asleep. Here are a couple of things I do in no particular order.

Watch a movie or TV show 

Thank God for the Amazon fire stick my mom got me a couple of months ago. Between Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu I can make sure I’m entertained most of the time. Currently I’m going through that odd phase where I’ve watched pretty much all of the movies I’m interested in and I’ve finished every episode of all the shows I love. I learned that typically by the third Will & Grace episode I find myself beginning to doze off. That helps me get a couple of hours of sleep before having to wake up for work.

Clean the whole house

This is something I probably should be doing right now. My house is a mess. I was going through a slight phase of depression last week while on vacation so pretty much my last 4 days I’ve managed to completely ruin my whole house. ha When I can’t sleep and feeling motivated I’ll get up and wash clothes and some dishes. If I really can’t sleep to a point where I’m annoyed by it, then you can catch me up at 3 am sweeping and scrubbing my floors. Advice: Never live in a house with nothing but floor and tile. You’ll be cleaning them every minute.


You can’t go wrong with food. Just in the past 20 minutes I’ve had left over french bread and now I’m snacking on some sour peach rings. Although it is not safe, I’m known to make fast food runs at this time. The Feds probably enjoy watching me sit in bed and down three whole tacos without taking a breath.


Sometimes you can catch me typing on my laptop or typing up a poem on my phone. If I’m not writing privately I might be on one of my twitter (alishaisclassy) rants about something that has randomly come to mind. The other day I decided to talk about social behavior and people lacking normal social skills with my followers. I’m a proud nerd. Most if not all of my blogging is also done at this time. You’d be amazed at how much content I’m able to create for 3 hours while being unable to fall asleep. Eventually I will get sleepy. I’ve fallen asleep with my laptop on my lap in bed. After many events of knocking it off my bed I highly suggest against falling asleep with you laptop.

Chat with a night owl buddy

Someone’s always awake at this time. Most of the time it’s someone I’m interested in saying hi to. It’s always nice to catch up with an old friend. We are all so busy nowadays that most of our free time is usually around this time.

Prayer and reflection 

Perfect time to quiet and peace. I’m always able to just lay down and say my rosary or just think about life and general without being disturbed.

Extra personal grooming

Since I’m not moving around much, I’m able to do my hair, give myself a facial, paint my nails with that new nail polish I bought 4 months ago, but haven’t had the time to wear yet. This is a great time to just give yourself a bit more attention and self love. A hot bubble or salt bath also helps to get me sleepy again.

Eventually I do find myself back asleep again. It would be perfect to sleep through the whole night, but that only happens every blue moon. On a positive note I get a lot done at these odd hours and I often find a sense of peace at being able to be awake when everyone else is asleep. You tend to fall in love with having silence. This is my chance to breathe and just be before going back to sleep and having to wake up and face a chaotic day.

Happy New Year. I hope you’re sleeping well.






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