It is most certainly a new season. It’s even another year for me. There are still many lessons to be learned. This past week alone I’ve spent much of my time reflecting on the past months, years of my life. It’s been one hell of a ride. If you ever find time to take a couple of minutes and just think, simply think about your life and all of the things you have experienced and the events that have taken place that has led you to where you sit right now, you will begin to know yourself even more every time you take the time to pause and reflect. When I reflect I often find myself quite surprised, I find myself asking questions. How did I get here? How did I survive that? Am I happy with the present? Am I making the right choices? How can I improve, do better? What’s next?

Self reflection is great to an extent. It can be healthy for your overall development depending on how you are looking at things and the steps you take after reflecting. Personally for me I believe that I, more than often, find myself digging my own grave. I lie down and bury myself in my painful stories and mistakes. If I were to take away the sad stories, the horrors, the heartaches who would I be? What am I without my tragedy? Is being a victim of my own circumstances all I have going for me? Is a sad story all I’m worth? Will my life always be centered around my very own pain?

I believe that I can aspire to be more than just my pain. That I can profit off of more than just my sad story. I am my own person no matter what has happened to me. I am a person with dreams and goals that are far too often not highlighted due to the primary focus being on my pain. Suffering never lasts forever. When the suffering itself fades, pain must fade with it too. Do not become a packrat with your emotions, carrying the same hurt in every new chapter. There comes a time when you must let go. There will come a time when you must dig up the root and dispose of it. That the story has been told a million times and there is no need to speak of it any longer. There is healing in expression and reflection, but there is also healing in moving on and letting go. There is healing in silence.

Life goes on and time still exists. Months and years pass and with the passing of time there is always a new season. A season of growth and ability to acknowledge that blooming still occurs. Suffering never lasts forever and your attention to it should not last forever either. It’s a new season of life and I suggest that you take the advice I’m giving myself to make the most of this season and to focus on the new and let go of the old.




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