Who gives up what makes them feel good?

Remember my New Year’s Resolutions post? If you don’t remember and have not read it yet, I’d advise you to read that first before reading this. You can read it here.



My first statement? What was I ever thinking? How could I deprive myself of such sweet stress relievers. So I gave up alcohol. Lets just talk about horrible it has been. I have been pretty much working non stop and have been on a whole other level of stress and not having alcohol to ease my mind has been the worst. I would like to remind you all that I am from New Orleans and therefore alcohol has always had a place in my life. I have gone to networking events, business launch parties, and eaten out with friends and family and have consistently declined any ounce of alcohol till this week. I could not do it any longer. I am sure I have gained 14 pounds since I stopped drinking, dating, and eating candy. Every time I have had a craving for alcohol or candy I have grabbed a piece of food. I do not have the greatest sleeping schedule, but I feel as though I was having a much harder time going to bed than usual after giving up candy and alcohol.

So this past Wednesday on my way home I bought the smallest cup I could buy at Fat Tuesday. The cup was so small the ladies at the drive thru window asked me if I was serious. Yes, girl I was dead serious. I went home and enjoyed every little bit of that daiquiri. I slept so good that night I was able to wake up on time for work which was awesome because the next day I had to be in 30 min earlier than I usually have to be in for. I even mixed it with some sprite so technically I didn’t fully drink much alcohol.

I could not stay away from the bowls of candy either. My healthy fruit strips and granola bars weren’t helping at all. I eventually found myself in the sweet arms of the strawberry candy you can always find at your grandmother’s house. I was at peace. Sweet sugar peace with myself. I do not regret not one minute while eating those two pieces of candy. I do not regret it all. Sue me! I have gained weight and my face has been breaking out uncontrollably and honey I have a stressful life and I need some type of stress reliever. Don’t you dare tell me to get a stress ball either. I have about 4 of those.

So I have given in with alcohol, candy, and somewhat boys (I am still patiently waiting for a man to come along, but not currently actively looking for one) therefore what have I learned? I need a middle ground. A simple solution and a better plan. I stopped drinking alcohol because I was wasting my money and rarely ever finishing it. My solution? Buy small and only accept things I love to drink. Therefore if it isn’t fruity I do not want it. I prefer a 12 oz cup over a large. I rather split a bottle than buy a whole bottle. I simply just don’t drink as much as I used to and being invested in not wasting my alcohol is much better. The same goes with candy. I think possibly I can do something along the lines of one week each month of drinking and eating candy and making sure I am doing so because it pleases me and not because I am upset or stressed about something. Healthy avenues to make sure I am still enjoying myself, but also managing my stress as well in a healthy manner is the way to go. I also need to start working out more like how I used to. That will help me the most while dealing with stress. There’s nothing like a good long run to make me feel alive again.

As for bad friends? They can stay gone. Forgiveness is key, but some people are just not right for your spirit. Sometimes their time in your life is up and it’s time for you to put some distance between you two or simply leave. It’s okay and life goes on.

2017 so far has been one interesting year. I pray I continue to grow and learn more about myself. That I continue to take care of myself mentally and physically. 2017 may be a rough year with all that has been going on in this world, but I am invested in continuing to walk in my light and so should you.